Febfury Update

Nothing much new *insert long complaint about work here*

Added save to the game, doesn’t save everything because not everything is in the game yet, but it works and tested on Android as well, will update it after I add the items, and very later on I might see if I can save it in a cloud somewhere.

Happy V day, my friend’s wedding is today as well, also thigh is burning from walking.

Now about Gluttony Run

Lets start first on how I got the idea, what game did I enjoy on mobiles? a runner game! What is bad in a runner game? it gets old/repetitive fast, many of runner games offer alternate characters and sometimes stages so it is more interesting to play over and over to collect more coins to buy more unlockables or pay real money to skip hours of farming. BnB mobile game commerce.

I found swiping sideways and timing jumping and sliding gets boring after a while, so I thought I’d spice it up with another genre: RPG.

Classic turn based RPG is simple enough but offers less interaction, so I thought I’ll go with a more interactive RPG that you don’t see much often these days: Paper Mario Style. And to spice it up more: micro games like Wario Ware for some special attacks.

While the whole concept looks pretty interesting, first time creating for mobile games I discovered I had to cut down much in the graphics department. (I might consider a steam port if it grows popular enough with more suitable inputs).

Anyway, here are some screenshots, and appreciate feedback.



Classic runner screen, but you are not 1-hit-KOed, hence the HP meter (also stamina, hunger -> gluttony, block points)


Classic Battle menu appears after bumping into a slime. Combo is the default “attack” command.


Special interaction to on of slime attacks, you try to eat his projectile (which should taste like sweetened water) to sate your hunger and restore HP, moving your head in the wrong direction and it hits your face for the opposite effect.

Lets talk more about AL

Project AL or Abiding Looter, I think it is somewhat a stupid name, but maybe catchy, I have other ideas for it, but I went for the more unique and somehow related to the story, the problem is it might not be 100% accurate or correct, I might change it if more people find it stupid, we’ll see.

Basically it is a 2.5D metroidvania, still very early in progress and somewhat neglected.

Screenshot 2014-12-19 00.55.05

As you can see the video is quite old, I didn’t work on this for a long time.

I am excited about Bloodstained, it is basically what I am trying to do minus suggestive themes and maybe simpler abilities/magics, at least to what I have in mind, don’t know how much can make it through without being cut off.

First post, again

What I am trying here is to establish a dev blog first, then gradually turn to a portal/home page or my games, so yeah, expect screenshots and many false promises like most dev blogs.

Just a reminder, I have a full time; so expect a slower still on the updates. And English is not my first language; I would appreciate polite nudges in the correct direction, but I find blatant mockery distasteful.

Now that is out of the way, let me list the games I have in mind:

  • Metroidvania: still looks very far.
  • Mobile Runner + turn based RPG, (currently focusing), looks promising, and I got decent feedback, might release a video soon or so.
  • Immortal Online, basically would I think what Mortal Online should’ve been, many ideas, 0 work done.
  • HSS+ copy, more standardized art style, few 3d elements, again all ideas 0 work yet.